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Jiangsu Ouke animal Pharmaceutcal Co., Ltd

JiangSu Ouke Animal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is founded in 1966. It is integrative scientific and technological enterprises and includes animal nutrition, aquaculture,the animal drug scientific research, production and sale. We have successively established the long-term cooperation relations with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing Agricultural University and other research institutes. 
In December 2004 the company fully through the Ministry of Agriculture veterinary GMP certification, in 2009、2015 and2020 passed GMP successful acceptances of once every five years. At present, there are small, large capacity injection, powder / premixing agent, tablet, oral solution, disinfectants, pesticides, feed raw materials, feed premixing agent production line. It is an important production base of diazinon, amitraz and deltamethrin.Oxytetracycline injection,florfenicol,ivermectin injection, tylosin injection, procaine benzylpenicillin+ dihydrostreptomycin sulphate injection, amoxicillin suspension, cefquinome sulfate injection, ceftiofur hydrochloride injection, cefalexin injection, iron dextran injection, enrofloxacin injection, doxycycline hyclate injection, albendazole tablets,80%Tiamulin, 20%Tilmicosin , HAIDIKE, Enramycin and multivitamin premixing products has been successfully exported to Africa, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions.


Jiangsu Ouke animal Pharmaceutcal Co., Ltd

Ouke is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating scientific research, production and sales of animal nutrition and animal medicine. Based on the industry, repaying the society Promoting the development of the industry and maximizing the value of users is the constant development vision of Ouke Pharmaceutical.

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